Cross party support for UK Climate and Ecology Bill

Climate & Ecology Bill

The UK Climate & Ecology Bill will benefit from cross party support tomorrow with MPs hoping it will ultimately become law.

The Climate & Ecology Bill is unique in that it is evidence led, follows the science and is supported by scientists and climate experts to lock climate and nature targets into legislation.

Its three main targets are: Climate: doing our fair share to cut UK emissions and stay below 1.5°C of global warming by taking full responsibility for our global carbon footprint; Nature: halting and reversing UK nature loss by 2030, taking full responsibility for our global ecological footprint; and People: involving the public in a fair way forward through a ‘Climate & Nature Assembly’ to consult on the climate-nature strategy.

Having gone through a range of modifications the Climate & Ecology Bill (CE Bill) has been re-introduced by Olivia Blake MP with cross-party support, with the aim of it becoming law.

I’m proud to be leading the charge for the Climate & Ecology Bill—the joined-up, science-led plan to ensure that the UK plays its full role in reducing our emissions in line with 1.5°C, and reversing the destruction of nature,” Olivia Blake MP, said.

“When it comes to the climate-nature crisis, it’s often said that all that’s lacking is the political will. Today, under this new environmental plan, MPs are uniting across party lines to demonstrate to the Government that we’re ready to work together to get Britain’s environmental policies on track.”

Welcoming the cross-party cooperation, Zero Hour co-director, Dr Amy McDonnell, said: “The Climate & Ecology Bill has been drafted by leading scientists with the aim of locking, in law, a joined-up climate and nature plan to transition the UK to a zero carbon, nature positive future. We’re delighted that MPs of all parties are taking up the public’s call for further, faster action—and we hope that our leaders are listening.”

Zero Hour ambassador, ornithologist and campaigner, Dr Mya-Rose Craig, said: “I’m proud to back the Climate & Ecology Bill, and call on every MP and every party to get behind it. By setting a science-led environmental framework for the UK—one that’s pinned on 1.5°C and reversing nature loss—we can hold our heads high. Our precious wildlife will be given a chance to bounce back as we end the pollution of our countryside and rivers, and give nature-friendly farming a chance to flourish. Ending our reliance on deadly fossil fuels will mean cheaper, cleaner renewable energy for all—as well as cleaner air.”

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