CSRD and ESRS reporting software to streamline compliance


CSRD and ESRS reporting are now integrated in a new software tool that aims to streamline ESG and sustainability reporting.

CSRD regulation, now delayed by a year, will require thousands of European and international companies to formally disclose information on how they operate and manage environmental and social challenges to EU regulators. CSRD reporting is designed to help investors, consumers, policy makers, and other stakeholders evaluate the non-financial performance and risk of large companies related to critical issues like climate change, while encouraging them to develop more responsible business strategies.

However, CSRD reporting spans dozens of ESG disclosure areas and metrics, ranging from a company’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to its supply chain human rights protections and corporate risk management. This requires significant data collection effort and investment for organizations – many of whom are new to measuring and reporting their ESG (environmental social governance) performance.

Brightest’s new, streamlined CSRD reporting platform is the first software tool to provide companies with a complete, budget-friendly list and tracking system across all the data and disclosures they need to collect and prepare in order to stay compliant and submit a complete CSRD report each year.

“International ESG reporting requirements are evolving quickly, and it’s critical that companies stay vigilant and take the necessary steps to meet EU regulatory requirements and investor expectations,” says Chris Bolman, co-founder and CEO of Brightest. “Our latest product release gives European companies the speed, security, and resource savings they need when it comes to CSRD reporting. You can spend hours reading documents and building spreadsheets, or you can let Brightest do all the preparation work for you.”

Brightest’s streamlined CSRD reporting system is now available to all of Brightest’s enterprise clients, and will be refined and expanded as the EU releases its sector-specific standards in the coming months. The company also plans to expand its European and United Kingdom presence in 2023 to keep up with growing CSRD reporting solutions demand.

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