Data centres must collaborate to decarbonise digital infrastructure

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Serverfarm is calling for an end to the siloed thinking that is preventing real sustainability actions in IT and data centres.

“It is time for CIO, CTO and data centre leader stakeholders to address head on the ESG, decarbonisation and sustainability challenges we face today if we are to deliver true net zero data centres and IT,” said Arun Shenoy, CMO and SVP of sales EMEA at Serverfarm.

The paper: Data Centre + IT Collaboration to Cut Carbon provides an Applications to Data Centres perspective for CIOs, CTOs, CSOs and Data Centre Leaders by providing a call to action for greater cooperation. It provides a number of checklists for IT / data centre engineers and offers ‘a buildings to software’ perspective on digital sustainability.

The paper also covers Greener Data Strategies for Physical Infrastructure including Existing Buildings; New Builds Versus Modernisation; Greening Space; Power and Cooling; Green Software Development and Applications; Server and Processor Architectures; Cloud Tools; along with Measurement, Monitoring, and Management Strategies.

“At every layer of the stack there are sustainability gains to be made. Down at the processor level, CIOs prioritise performance per watt, whereas data centre engineers focus on the buildings and infrastructure. These data centres use thousands of MWhs per year, but are often under-using their power capacity,” said Shenoy.

Serverfarm acquires existing facilities for modernisation through sustainable infrastructure upgrades and green energy transition. The company has been growing rapidly across Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. and Canada and has firmly established its InCommand Services as the world leader in Data Center Management as a Service (DMaaS) with more than 750 locations now under management across more than 45 countries. Serverfarm is a member of the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact.

The research paper will be available for free download on June 13 from the Serverfarm web site under the ‘resources’ tab.

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