Diamond Offshore Drilling to access energy more sustainably

Amid mounting concerns about climate change driving the shift towards low-carbon and environmentally friendly energy sources, Diamond Offshore Drilling, a company specialising in offshore drilling, reveals the progress it made on its sustainability quest to curb its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while working to meet global energy demand.

Despite the focus on climate risks and the need to move towards a more sustainable energy supply, the offshore drilling player explains that there will be “a foreseeable continuing need for a significant hydrocarbon supply during the lengthy transition,” as the world progresses towards reducing GHG emissions to limit the impacts of climate change.

In line with this, the company is seeking to support hydrocarbon development in the most responsible manner possible, as it believes that its business of delivering hydrocarbon wells contributes to global demand for secure and affordable energy as part of the mix of energy supply during the transition towards sustainable energy.

Bernie Wolford, Diamond Offshore’s President and CEO, commented: “I believe sustainability is central to our core values and behaviours that are critical for our continued success. We recognise that the decisions we make can leave a lasting impact on the world. It is our responsibility, as a leader in the offshore market, to leave future generations with a world better than we found it.”

The firm focuses on deepwater oil and gas developments, since it considers these to have one of the lowest carbon intensities per boe produced when compared to onshore developments.

“As we embark on our journey through the next energy era, we reaffirm our commitments to the health and safety of our workers, operational excellence, and responsibility to the environment. We are enhancing Diamond’s culture and taking action to improve our energy efficiency while supporting energy security. The preparations we make today will pave the way to addressing the challenges of tomorrow,” underlined Wolford.

In lieu of its purpose to “responsibly unlock energy,” the offshore drilling giant recently instituted an energy policy, confirming its long-term commitment to enhance energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions from its operations to minimise its impact on the environment. 

“The next phase of our strategy is to use our gathered data to develop reduction plans and monitor progress. Starting with the largest fuel users in our fleet, we are adding Energy Awareness Dashboards to increase awareness of the factors that drive fuel and electricity usage,” revealed the rig owner.

Furthermore, Diamond Offshore is working with Stepwise to monitor these data trends, reduce the carbon footprint of its rig fleet and improve energy efficiency. 

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