Employee ‘climate quitting’ forcing firms to improve sustainability


New data reveals that one in five employees turn down work if company’s sustainability strategies don’t align with their values.

Thirty-four per cent of Brits polled in a new survey by SaveMoneyCutCarbon agreed that they would be more loyal to their workplace if they had greater carbon literacy, but 56 per cent say their employer provides them with zero information on sustainability or how to be more sustainable at work and at home.

The report also identified a growing trend around ‘climate quitting’ whereby millennial and Gen Z workers are actively seeking out new employment opportunities that are more environmentally conscious. For employees to be fully engaged, it’s imperative that they feel their voices are being heard, their values are being taken into consideration, and their work is making a positive difference.

In response to the report findings, SaveMoneyCutCarbon has launched an industry-first six-point plan aimed at encouraging company leaders to employ behavioural changes in the workplace to lower their carbon footprint while simultaneously cutting overhead costs and retaining key staff.

The six-step plan includes: a free 30-minute Carbon Mentor call  offering expert guidance on where to start, what ROI to expect, how to manage budgets and what could be achieved through green initiatives. A business will be assigned a dedicated carbon mentor to understand the present situation within a business and their decarbonisation ambitions.

A baseline report – SMCC’s platform creates an easy-to-understand Scope 1, Scope 2 baseline carbon footprint and guidance on Scope 3 and Scope 4 (staff carbon literacy)

A built environment audit – SMCC’s team then audit the building(s) to identify the money, energy, water, and carbon savings available

Project financing – Creation of investment grade proposals & tailored finance 

Project delivery – Design, supply & installation of proven products and solutions

Staff engagement – SMCC’s EcoWise app and programme provides measured and rewarded learning improving carbon literacy.

The importance of Scope 4 – Although not formally recognised, employee carbon literacy is a key tenet for a business’ ambition to reduce its carbon footprint. In light of this, SMCC has launched a 12-month programme called EcoWise, aimed at encouraging staff to learn, employ practical changes in their home and workplace, and reap rewards – all while providing quantifiable data for firms to report on their ESG strategies.

“Businesses are likely to bear the brunt of the changes needed if the UK is going to get to net zero, but there is little pragmatic support to help businesses of all sizes to better understand what can be done, and where to start,” Mark Sait CEO of SMCC said.

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