Fashion brand seeks to overcome industry greenwashing


Bird Eyewear has launched a new eCommerce website that aims to overcome greenwashing in the fashion industry.

The sustainable eyewear brand, that uses waste plastic to make products in a circular production system, seeks to educate customers on the impact of their buying decisions and help them make more sustainable choices.

Digital agency Organic was tasked with helping Bird Eyewear to combat greenwashing, a prevalent issue in the fashion and eyewear industry, making it difficult for consumers to make informed decisions about sustainable products.

The new website features a unique carbon tool that allows customers to calculate the carbon footprint of their purchase and see the direct impact of their websites actions on the planet. The site also provides detailed information about the company’s Circular Carbon Project, including growing its own forest and using waste plastic to make products.

The website redesign is part of a wider innovation project at Bird Eyewear as part of their drive towards carbon zero, which includes planting their own Bird Forest in Devon, UK, and the launch of a new product line made from recycled materials in Devon.

The innovation project has been part-funded by Devon County Council through the Green Innovation Fund. The objective of the fund is to invest in the development of a Net Zero economy and support local businesses to scale-up and innovate.   

 “We believe the fashion industry has a once-in-history opportunity to demonstrate that creativity and respect for nature can lead to sustainability,” said Ed Bird, founder of Bird Eyewear. “Our goal is to make better eyewear for a better world, and this new website created by our partner Organic is an important step towards reaching that.”

Tim Burley, client services director at Organic said: “After redesigning their product pages last year, this new Carbon Tool is another exciting step on their ecommerce journey. As a likeminded business creating sustainable value in the world, we love working together.”

Bird Eyewear is a sustainable eyewear brand founded by brothers with a goal of making better eyewear for a better world. The company’s Circular Carbon Project includes growing its own forest and using waste plastic to make products. The new ecommerce website provides customers with detailed information about the carbon footprint of their purchase and the direct impact of their actions.

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