Flexible packaging made from 50 per cent recycled waste


A new ultra-thin, rigid film for recyclable flexible packaging is made from more than 50 per cent recycled plastic.

The new packaging film involves processing INEOS Recycl-IN hybrid resins, which compound recycled plastic waste with highly engineered new resins, using state of the art machine-direction orientation (MDO) technology to make polyethylene film used to manufacture recyclable single polymer flexible packaging products. It is the first time such a high proportion of recycled waste plastic has been used in packaging products.

The new film will be used to manufacture recyclable single polymer flexible packaging products that replace difficult-to-recycle multi-material packaging products. The INEOS Recycl-IN product range compounds recycled plastic waste with highly engineered new resins. It helps converters and brand owners retain the high quality of their products while increasing recycled content.

INEOS uses a new Hosakawa Alpine MDO film line to develop flexible packaging films made from a single polymer family. This approach increases the recyclability of plastic packaging.

Products such as stand-up pouches already provide a convenient, low carbon solution for transporting every-day goods. This further development will ensure that packaging can be manufactured from raw materials containing a high percentage of recycled plastic waste and be recyclable in the future.

The success of this demonstration shows that Recycl-IN can be applied to demanding film extrusion applications such as MDO polyethylene. It enables advanced technical film applications to use mechanically recycled polyethylene. The combination of Recycl-IN resins and this leading technology will enable INEOS to make a unique contribution to the development of a circular economy for these products.

Recycl-IN resins are also certified as providing a reduction in carbon emissions of between 25 and 50 per cent when compared to the use of virgin feedstocks.

“We share people’s concerns about plastic waste, showing we can help produce more recyclable end products using large quantities of recycled materials shows our commitment to creating a more sustainable future,” Rob Ingram, chief executive, INEOS O&P Europe North, said. “Now that we’ve proved the concept, we open the door to exploring the application of Recycl-IN and MDO technology to other flexible packaging products where we can make a real difference.”

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