Forum for sustainable viticulture and regenerative agriculture

regenerative agriculture

The World Living Soils Forum is designed to share and promote solutions for sustainable viticulture and regenerative agriculture.

Organised by Moët Hennessy, its first event in June 2022 brought together a large community of researchers, experts, public institution representatives, professional associations and companies from the wine and spirits, as well as agri-food industries striving to preserve and regenerate the soil.

“Soils are a resource we share, a vital element for our survival. They play a key role in climate regulation, biodiversity preservation and carbon sequestration. It is therefore essential for agriculture to go hand in hand with the conservation of these ecological functions,” says Philippe Schaus, chairman & CEO of Moët Hennessy.

Driven by a common desire to accelerate widespread mobilisation and initiatives taken by all stakeholders on the essential issue of living soils, Moët Hennessy and ChangeNOW announce their partnership to extend the reach of the World Living Soils Forum. The association of their expertise is an opportunity to scale up and deploy concrete solutions quickly.

“This partnership reinforces our ambition to highlight the most promising initiatives and technological advances in the field of soil regeneration. By joining forces, Moët Hennessy and ChangeNOW will help accelerate solutions that have an impact on soil health,” adds Sandrine Sommer, chief sustainability officer of Moët Hennessy.

This joint commitment also materialized at the 2023 edition of ChangeNOW, organized in Paris on May 25, 26 and 27, 2023, through the WLSF Soils Hub by Moët Hennessy: a space open to all, dedicated to awareness of the challenges related to soil preservation and regeneration.

“An agricultural revolution is necessary if we are to meet the climate and ecological challenges we face. Regenerative agriculture and the science of living soils are some of the most powerful tools available to us to build a sustainable world. Coming together to find solutions and new models is our common purpose,” concludes Santiago Lefebvre, founder and president of ChangeNOW.

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