GAIL and LanzaTech partnership marks notable milestone in transition to reach Net Zero

GAIL, India’s largest natural gas company, and LanzaTech Global, a pioneering carbon capture and utilisation company from the USA, have joined forces in a strategic partnership. Their collaboration aims to explore innovative technology solutions that align with GAIL’s Net Zero 2040 objectives while supporting broader global decarbonisation efforts.

In this partnership, GAIL and LanzaTech will investigate the development of a pilot-scale CO2 capture and conversion project. The project’s vision is to serve as a role model for transforming CO2 into valuable materials rather than releasing it into the atmosphere. By combining LanzaTech’s carbon capture and utilisation technology with GAIL’s renewable H2 and CO2 gas streams, the project will facilitate resource utilisation. This innovative approach could potentially create the building blocks for everyday consumer goods, such as fuel, packaging, and clothing, from biorecycled materials instead of relying on virgin fossil fuels.

“The possibilities coming out of this collaboration with LanzaTech are very promising and significant to improving our carbon footprint,” said Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of GAIL. “Using LanzaTech’s cutting-edge technology will enhance our environmental stewardship and open up new avenues for driving sustainability across our operations.”

“Waste CO2 can be used to make the things we need,” said Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, LanzaTech’s CEO and Board Member of the US-India Strategic Partnership. “By combining LanzaTech’s expertise in carbon recycling with GAIL’s commitment to reducing emissions and implementing renewable projects, this project has the potential to turn CO2 from an environmental liability to a value added product. CO2 can be the raw material of the future, enabling fossil carbon to stay underground. We look forward to launching our collaboration with GAIL to make this vision a reality.”

LanzaTech’s CCU technology works like a brewery: proprietary bacteria consume carbon-rich pollution from industrial facilities and convert it into CarbonSmart chemicals to create rubber, plastics, synthetic fibres, and fuels. These materials form the building blocks for consumer products such as clothing, laundry detergent, and sustainable aviation fuel. LanzaTech’s technology platform is designing a future where consumers can continue using indispensable products they use every day without depending on materials derived from virgin fossil fuels. Such products are expected to be well accepted by climate conscious consumers even at premium.

Through this collaboration, GAIL and LanzaTech aim to set new benchmarks in carbon utilisation, providing a compelling model for utilisation of CO2 gas streams that would otherwise be emitted as greenhouse gases.

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