Hanwha Aerospace gears towards lower carbon emissions with ESS technology

Hanwha Aerospace has announced a strategic collaboration with its subsidiary, Hanwha Ocean, to advance Energy Storage System (ESS) technology and promote sustainability in the eco-friendly ship market. This partnership leverages the synergies between the two companies, emphasising their shared dedication to environmental responsibility. By combining their cutting-edge technology, they aim to expedite the development of a value chain.

Hanwha’s ESS technology utilises lithium-ion batteries and features a compact ‘container type packaging,’ consolidating the control system to reduce overall size. Furthermore, the system is equipped with an ‘automatic fire extinguishing’ capability to promptly detect and suppress any potential fires.

The application of a hybrid power system, integrating a conventional internal combustion engine with the ESS, leads to significant enhancements in fuel efficiency and reduction of pollutant emissions for ships.

“The packaging and safety technology of ESS, essential for global decarbonisation, is critical not only in the defence sector but also in the aviation and maritime industries,” said Seunghak Moon, Head of E-Propulsion Business Group at Hanwha Aerospace. “We’re taking a holistic approach to maximise synergy through collaboration among affiliates, consistently placing the environment at the focus of all our activities.”

“The successful completion of this project is a result of big synergy effect created by industry leading expertise and experience from both companies,” said Head of Hanwha Ocean R&D Institute, Joong-Kyoo Kang. “With this success, we will continue to deliver advanced eco-friendly and digital solutions to ship-owners with our cutting-edge technologies.”

In light of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)’s greenhouse gas emission regulations, Hanwha Aerospace is poised to actively venture into the market for ships designed to minimise carbon emissions.

Leveraging its experience and expertise in supplying ESS to public and small-to-medium-sized private vessels, Hanwha Aerospace is set to enter the market for innovative mobility power systems, with a focus on ships designed to lower carbon emissions.

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