Mitsubishi Electric Asia to spearhead decarbonisation in manufacturing across Asia

Mitsubishi Electric Asia has unveiled an ESG-driven collaboration with Evercomm in Singapore, aimed at addressing key challenges hindering the adoption of intelligent manufacturing practises in the Asia-Pacific region. The partnership leverages emerging technologies to promote low-carbon manufacturing.

The principal obstacles to implementing intelligent manufacturing initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region include employee resistance to technology adoption, a shortage of necessary skills, and a lack of clear definitions regarding the value of smart manufacturing. Manufacturing sectors are also under increasing pressure due to stringent carbon tax regulations, which necessitate enhanced vendor authenticity and compliance with governmental mandates on CO2 emissions linked to energy consumption and industrial processes.

In response to these competitive dynamics, this partnership between Mitsubishi Electric and Evercomm introduces innovative manufacturing solutions tailored for heavy and automated industries. These solutions are specifically designed to assess and enhance the efficiency of CO2 emissions reduction efforts.

“Data transparency to verify business practises is an industry imperative today – especially when carbon reporting and accountability stakes are high in Asia for manufacturers and all sectors,” says Chen Chiu-Hao (Ted), CEO of Evercomm, Singapore. “Our technology supports industries to shift toward lower-carbon practises.”

This collaboration underpins Singapore’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050. The Singapore government supports the industry to reach a robust manufacturing capacity through green technology. Singapore PM Lee echoed this at the G20 summit recently, stating global cooperation was needed in areas such as forming reliable and resilient supply chains, creating a conducive environment for decarbonisation investments, and smoothening climate transitions through high-integrity carbon markets.

“Ahead of COP 28, we want to lead the charge in transforming the manufacturing sector. By marrying automation expertise with precision in carbon emission verification, we are poised to redefine smart manufacturing practises in the region,” explains Kunihiko Seki, Managing Director Mitsubishi Electric Asia.

In this collaborative venture, Evercomm and Mitsubishi Electric are poised to provide integrated solutions that leverage Evercomm’s software and Mitsubishi Electric’s product offerings, with the overarching goal of enabling carbon neutrality for their clientele. The strategic vision involves aggregating data related to CO2 emissions and reductions from Mitsubishi Electric’s SCADA system into Evercomm’s comprehensive management software.

This unified approach promises to deliver heightened carbon efficiency to various industries, characterised by increased transparency and enhanced operational efficiency. Utilising this proprietary software solution is projected to enhance data authenticity by up to 90%, elevate carbon accounting productivity by as much as 80%, expedite external assurance processes by up to 60%, ultimately leading to substantial reductions in third-party verification expenses.

The partnership offers a range of industry benefits, including reliable carbon emission verification, enhanced carbon footprint management, and streamlined automation solutions. It aids organisations in understanding and quantifying their carbon footprint, supports net-zero planning, and accelerates digital transformation efforts, making it simpler for businesses to incorporate sustainability considerations into their strategies. Additionally, it facilitates compliance with environmental regulations and reporting requirements, ensuring accurate emissions data for decision-making and regulatory adherence.

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