MTN Nigeria commits to net zero emissions with clean energy investment

MTN Nigeria, the country’s leading telecommunications provider, has unveiled a substantial commitment to clean energy technologies in line with its mission to curb emissions and bolster Nigeria’s aspirations to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions between 2050 and 2070. As part of this initiative, MTN Nigeria has entered into a partnership with a renewable energy Independent Power Producer (IPP) programme to launch a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) power plant. This innovative facility will serve the energy needs of MTN Plaza, the company’s corporate headquarters, and its primary data centre located in Ikoyi.

In light of Nigeria’s Climate Change Act of 2021, which lays the foundation for the nation’s shift toward low GHG emissions and sustainable development, MTN Nigeria has taken proactive steps to contribute to the transition. The Act outlines a framework for setting a net-zero GHG target, aiming to attain net-zero emissions at the earliest feasible juncture in the latter half of this century.

A key facet of MTN Nigeria’s sustainability strategy involves its collaboration with a renewable energy IPP programme to deploy a CNG power plant. The implementation of three 1.1-megawatt (MW) gas generators has already yielded substantial reductions in GHG emissions while concurrently generating significant cost savings, totalling over N570 million in reduced energy expenses.

Additionally, MTN Nigeria has embarked on efforts to optimise energy consumption within its facilities. This includes the installation of motion-sensing light systems in buildings and switching centres, ensuring that energy is utilised efficiently.

Furthermore, the company has initiated a noteworthy 56-kilowatt proof-of-concept solar project, generating more than 4,000 kilowatt hours of clean electricity each month, contributing further to its sustainability objectives.

Karl Toriola, the CEO of MTN Nigeria, said “Our commitment to Nigeria goes beyond connectivity. We recognise the environmental challenges our nation faces, and we’re dedicated to being part of the solution. Our investments in sustainable energy and infrastructure are not just good for business, they’re essential for the future of Nigeria.”

In addition, MTN Nigeria’s emission reduction and clean energy transition align with MTN Group’s Project Zero, which targets greenhouse gas reductions through energy efficiency, green energy adoption, and investments in climate protection projects to offset emissions, adhering to strict environmental and social standards.

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