Net Zero Review predicts eco-transition will power 480,000 jobs

Net Zero Review

The UK Net Zero Review has set out plans to drive action on climate change that could support almost half a million jobs.

The Net Zero Review makes a raft of recommendations to catalyse action in individual sectors of the economy and enhance the role of local authorities, communities and individuals to deliver net zero.

The Net Zero Review, overseen by Chris Skidmore MP, travelled to all four nations of the UK, received over 1800 responses to the call for evidence and held more than 50 roundtables, making it one of the largest engagement exercises on net zero in the UK.

“We heard a clear message from businesses, organisations, individuals and local government across the country that net zero is creating a new era of opportunity but government, industry and individuals need to act to make the most of the opportunities, reduce costs and ensure we deliver successfully,” Skidmore stated in the review.

The Review is split into two parts. Part one explains the opportunity and benefits to individuals and the economy. It places domestic action in an international context and emphasises that the UK must go further and faster to realise the economic benefits of net zero and part two sets out how to achieve this opportunity across six pillars. It makes recommendations to catalyse action in individual sectors of the economy and enhance the role of local authorities, communities and individuals to deliver net zero.

“The recommendations in this Review show how action can be taken in the short, medium, and long term to turbocharge our delivery, set clear roadmaps that provide the certainty needed for investment and R&D, and deliver net zero in a pro-growth, pro-business, low-cost way,” Skidmore added.

Net zero is growth opportunity of the 21st century

Evidence presented to the Review highlights an economic opportunity at a massive, global scale. With more than 90 per cent of global GDP covered by a net zero target there is now huge global momentum to reach net zero and capture the economic opportunities. This is driven by businesses of all sizes that have recognised that net zero can help them grow.

McKinsey estimates a global market opportunity of £1 trillion for British businesses by 20302 and the UK Government estimates that the transition can support 480,000 jobs in 2030.

Responding to the Net Zero Review Polly Billington, UK100 CEO, said: “This independent review confirms what UK100 has been saying for years: local authorities are the key to achieving the UK’s Net Zero goals.

“We were delighted to work with Chris Skidmore MP on the review and welcome it, particularly the recommendation to end the disjointed mess of short-term, competitive local authority funding pots. This move would help communities maximise the economic and social benefits of Net Zero while making the most cost-effective use of resources.

“After being overlooked in so many Government Net Zero strategies (in our opinion), to get over 120 mentions of ‘local authorities’ in Chris Skidmore’s review feels like a vindication of the work we (and local authorities themselves) have been doing at the vanguard of local climate action.

“We need central government to take heed of the Net Zero Review’s findings and commit to unlocking the ambition of local authorities to deliver the most successful version of Net Zero.

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