New data platform to boost water industry innovation


A new data platform will enable water companies and others to share data to address the water industry’s most pressing challenges.

Aiimi will be technical and data lead on the delivery of a multimillion pound open data platform for the water industry as part of Stream, a consortium made up of 11 of the UK’s major water companies and five other specialist partners.

Launched in May 2022, Stream’s core aims are to address the water industry’s most pressing challenges, from preventing environmental incidents and reducing carbon emissions, to managing the cost of water and increasing innovation across the sector.

Central to delivering these outcomes is the creation of an open data platform that will enable water companies and other organisations to share data so that next-generation insights and solutions can be uncovered to drive outcomes for customers, society and the environment.

With Aiimi counting six of the 11 water companies involved with Stream as existing customers, the firm is well-placed to be the key data partner for the consortium.

“Driving open data practices and increasing transparency and trust in the water industry has never been more essential,” Tom O’Farrell, chief customer officer, Aiimi, said. “As customers struggle with the everyday cost of living and the effects of climate change, it’s only natural that the custodians of our most precious resource should be expected to innovate solutions that optimise performance and deliver value for communities. Stream is a commitment to solving these challenges and more and we are proud to secure our place in the next phase of the consortium’s journey to deliver a truly revolutionary data-sharing solution for the sector.”

The new funding from Ofwat follows an initial ‘Blueprint’ phase in which Stream members established the key requirements for the design and execution of the open data platform. The next phase, which will run over the next two years, will see the establishment of priority use cases and the development and delivery of the Stream platform.

The first iteration of the platform is set to be delivered in the latter half of 2023, with further enhancements and data to come online throughout 2024. 

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