Paragon begins auto-enrolment for its industry-leading carbon calculator

Paragon, a prominent provider of transformational business services, has recently unveiled its carbon footprinting initiative, known as AutoCarbon, which will automatically enrol every contracted client from today.

The AutoCarbon programme is an integral component of Paragon’s proprietary Carbon Calculator. Through this initiative, clients will receive a precise carbon footprint calculation based on their annual spending with Paragon, commencing from the benchmark year of 2021/22. Leveraging the company’s verified Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data, the programme ensures a significantly more accurate emissions calculation than industry average-based approaches.

By offering this programme, Paragon equips its clients with a powerful tool to advance their journey towards achieving Net Zero goals. The enhanced transparency allows clients to precisely measure their scope 3 emissions, providing insights into the impact of Paragon’s decarbonisation plan.

This initiative is an essential part of Paragon’s broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering lasting change for our planet and societies. Central to this framework is the goal to help stakeholders and clients make informed decisions concerning sustainability and promoting responsible choices and behaviours across the entire value chain.

Lucy Klinkenberg-Matthews, Head of ESG at Paragon, said: “Paragon is built on four key pillars- People, Planet, Partners and Prosperity – so advancing sustainability goals internally and externally is an ongoing priority. The auto-enrolment of new and existing clients into our AutoCarbon programme is our latest contribution to this goal, and a huge milestone for our ESG Strategy. Through this scheme, we will be able to make a tangible difference to our clients’ Net Zero progress as well as our own, by starting important conversations about how we reach our collective goals and how we measure progress.

“It’s exciting to be leading the way with programmes like AutoCarbon, and we hope that sharing this with our clients will help accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future.”

Paragon also offers a web-based Carbon Calculator, which is free for any business to use. It provides clients and prospects with an accurate carbon footprint based on their spend on the services Paragon can provide. They also offer detailed carbon reduction planning, as well as product and service-level carbon footprinting through the Carbon Calculator and their in-house ESG expertise.

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