Clean plastic technologies boosted by hi tech merger

Carbon credit

Carbon credit solutions based on blockchain technology have been boosted by the merger of two hi-tech companies.

Carbon credit specialists Changeblock, a British company that develops technologies for creating and trading offsets, has merged with Toronto-based ESG capital markets firm Carbon12 to enable companies to create, trade, generate and gather data for environmental credits not only to mitigate carbon but also for plastics, maritime-conservation, biological, nitrogen, sulfur, and other emissions and biodiversity assets.

Changeblock is an environmental exchange that shortens the timeframe for companies to create credits, making it easier to invest in ESG and improve success for clean-techs. Investors can gain access to groundbreaking green projects that are streamlined and verified, allowing for the creation and listing of unique credits on the Changeblock platform.

Changeblock leaders and advisors include co-founder John Palmisano (emissions trading expert, formerly of the United States Environmental Protection Agency), Robert Hahn (Oxford), and Gabriel Thoumi (Responsible Alpha).

“We let the data do the talking, and in doing so we create the highest-value environmental credits on the market,” said Billy Richards, Changeblock CEO . “We are confident that our platform will be embraced by clean-tech companies as we develop the economic narrative to fight climate change and support the transition to a more sustainable future. We are excited to see the impact that our combined offering will have, and we believe that it has the potential to drive significant change and to support the growth and development of sustainable practices, clean-technologies, and communities all over the world.”

Carbon12 founding partner Eugene Kogan, now executive chairman of Changeblock, said: “We are faced with the need to act rapidly to ensure that global warming and other environmental threats do not run away from us and create irreparable harm to the global ecosystem. This urgent need creates an incredible opportunity for the private sector to help achieve these climate goals. The Changeblock platform addresses everything that makes the current environmental markets ineffective, a claim validated by the rapidly growing number of buyers and sellers looking to utilise our platform. This is a massive opportunity on which we are well positioned to capitalise.”

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