Reibus International and ClimateTrade to aid metals industry make carbon-neutral transitions

Reibus International and ClimateTrade are collaborating to use digital technology to help reduce carbon emissions in the metals industry, including ways to calculate carbon and buy offsets.

Reibus, an online marketplace for metals, is partnering with ClimateTrade, a climate-tech company, to create a carbon platform specifically focused on steel production. The ultimate goal of this partnership is to align the metals industry with the objectives outlined in The Paris Agreement as part of a broader carbon-neutrality initiative.

As part of Reibus’ steel production platforms, which include a Software-as-a-Service-based marketplace, the company has added an emissions calculator and an innovative carbon offset purchasing programme.

By facilitating the availability of carbon offsets, Reibus provides a concrete solution for organisations to mitigate their carbon impact and actively contribute to sustainability initiatives.

According to the International Energy Agency’s 2022 findings, the steel industry emitted nearly 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide, and projections indicate that these emissions are poised to surge due to heightened manufacturing demands.

John Armstrong, Founder and CEO of Reibus, said, “Reibus is dedicated to driving positive change within the steel industry by addressing its environmental concerns head-on. We are thrilled to announce our carbon neutrality while also introducing solutions that facilitate genuine carbon footprint reduction. Just this year, we ventured into the recyclables market, and now we offer an accessible and straightforward way for organisations to purchase carbon offsets and give back to the environment.”

Fran Benedito, CEO & Co-Founder of ClimateTrade, commented, “We are delighted to collaborate with Reibus in our shared mission to drive climate action within the metals industry. This partnership underscores our commitment to advancing decarbonisation through innovative technology and underscores Reibus’ dedication to sustainable business practises.”

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