Samsung Engineering and Carbon Clean to advance OCC solutions for shipping

Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd. (SECL) and Carbon Clean have entered into a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with the aim of exploring opportunities in the field of Onboard Carbon Capture Solutions (OCCS) projects.

The implementation of onboard carbon capture is anticipated to assume a crucial role in addressing emissions from the shipping industry in the mid-term. It enables vessels to capture the CO2 emissions they produce during their operations, bridging the gap while low-carbon fuels like green ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen, along with the necessary onshore infrastructure, are being developed and expanded.

The JDA’s primary focus will be on optimising Carbon Clean’s revolutionary modular carbon capture technology known as CycloneCC for onboard ship applications. CycloneCC distinguishes itself by being considerably more compact than traditional carbon capture units, with equipment that is one-tenth the size and occupying only half the footprint. This compact design is well-suited for the marine environment, where space constraints are significant.

With the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) having recently established more stringent emissions targets, the shipping industry is under increasing pressure to decarbonise.

SECL emphasises that OCCS presents a viable solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships by capturing carbon dioxide generated during vessel operations. Through this collaborative JDA, SECL and Carbon Clean will work in tandem to expand their OCCS business.

Hong Namkoong, President, and CEO of Samsung Engineering said: “Samsung Engineering’s expertise and experience in EPC, as well as our excellent track record in modularisation projects has led to this JDA for developing OCCS projects with Carbon Clean.

“This strategic alliance will create viable solutions for major global clients by combining the excellence of both companies and create a sustainable path for the future in this era of energy transition,” Namkoong added.

Aniruddha Sharma, Chair and CEO of Carbon Clean said: “Accounting for 3 per cent of global CO2 emissions, decarbonising the shipping industry plays a significant role in the net zero puzzle.

“I look forward to our partnership with Samsung Engineering to offer carbon capture onboard ships.

“Carbon Clean’s breakthrough modular carbon capture technology, CycloneCC, is ideally suited for use on ships given its 10 times equipment size reduction and high performance.

“Carbon Clean is focused on delivering technology for all hard-to-abate industries, including the maritime industry, and I am looking forward to delivering real solutions to the shipping industry with Samsung Engineering as our strategic partners,” Sharma continued.

Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd. (SECL) is an engineering solutions and project management company and Carbon Clean is a global player in point source carbon capture.

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