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Meet the trailblazing women collaborating to save the ocean and increase gender diversity in STEM

In Mauritius, Scotland, Manchester, London, and Australia a group of award-winning women scientists and experts ...

Exiger & Muir AI to enable corporations achieve net-zero via supply chain transparency

Exiger, the SaaS company revolutionising the way corporations, government agencies and banks manage supply chains, ...

Call to accelerate adoption of hydrogen transport

A UK-based clean-tech innovator is calling for an acceleration of hydrogen use in transport to ...
product design

Building sustainability into product design

Creating a sustainable product involves every part of the item’s design, material sourcing, manufacture, distribution, ...

Solutions to global freshwater crisis boosted by £1.5m funding

Ten start-ups have won a share of £1.5m in funding from HCL Group to scale ...

COP15 calls for global collaboration to save marine life

COP15 aims to generate collaboration between nations to accelerate ocean observation in a bid to ...
Vehicle recycling

Vehicle recycling solution aims to end waste landfill within four years

Vehicle recycling has taken a big step to net zero with a new process that ...
Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 set to drive net zero transformation

Industry 4.0 is the future pathway to meeting legally binding net zero emissions targets in ...

The chicken or the egg conundrum for cleantech recruitment

Exponential growth of almost 4,000 per cent of the cleantech sector in just seven years, ...

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