Social media carbon footprint offset with new calculator

Social media carbon footprint

Social media carbon footprint and internet use could consume up to 12 per cent of global energy according to a new carbon use calculator.

Social media carbon footprint can now be shown with a new free calculator that helps users discover the carbon cost of their social media habits and provides tips and options to reduce or remove their carbon use.

Well, That’s Interesting Tech!, a UK-based website dedicated to showcasing how technology can be a force for good, has launched a new tool to help users understand and reduce their social media carbon footprints.

Compared with driving cars and heating our homes the social media carbon footprint of digital technologies is mostly unknown by many users. However, the collective environmental impact of our digital technologies is huge.

Estimates vary as to exactly how much carbon is generated by the Internet and our digital lifestyles yet it is estimated by The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to consume between 6% to 12% of global energy which makes the Internet a larger energy consumer than most countries.

The new Social Media Carbon Footprint Calculator from Well, That’s Interesting Tech! enables users to calculate the environmental impact of their social media use, and provides the option to offset their annual emissions by supporting a kelp farm carbon sequestration project.

“While many of us are still getting used to thinking about the carbon impact of driving our cars, or how we shop, many of us are oblivious to the carbon dioxide emissions that our digital activities are generating,” said Scott Stonham, founder of Well, That’s Interesting Tech! “This calculator is intended to not just raise awareness of the issues, but allow users to take immediate, simple action to reduce their individual impact.”

The new tool not only allows users to calculate their annual social media carbon footprint across up to three social networks, but easy to understand examples of how this relates to everyday objects. Additionally, the tool provides tips to reduce emissions while browsing social media, as well as an easy to use offset option that uses Kelp farms to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

“You generate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions while simply scrolling through your social media apps,” said Scott. “Users can now calculate how much carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) is generated when you scroll, like or share using your favourite social media apps. Each social network generates a different amount of CO2e while it is being used. This can be measured as the amount of emissions generated per minute. Using the calculator you can estimate your annual emissions from social media use and check your social media carbon footprint.”

The new Social Media Carbon Footprint calculator is available to use free of charge here

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