Building sustainability into construction


May – Steel, concrete, cement and fossil fuels used in the construction process are major contributors to CO2 emissions with heating, cooling and lighting of completed buildings adding to global warming. This panel session highlights the latest technologies, materials and processes being used to build sustainability into construction.

Net zero maze of green credentials

For every company and organisation today, green credentials are a valuable prize in the PR battle to promote their eco-friendliness. But there can be a lot of smoke, mirrors, and unfounded claims surrounding efforts to reach Net Zero. As a result, new laws are being introduced that aim to clamp down on unsubstantiated eco claims […]

Net zero transition: the true costs for business industry and households

Net zero transition takes time devours resources and costs money and in today’s changing world the cost to business, industry and households is increasing. A recent McKinsey report estimated the annual global cost of meeting net zero targets will be £6.8 trillion and that at least 25% of all global tax revenues must be spent on […]