New liabilities demand a new approach

New liabilities around ESG will demand new skills and a new governance approach. Vera Cherepanova, ethics and compliance specialist at StudioEtica, explains how changing regulations in the USA will impact c-suites worldwide.

ESG: the implications for business

Kirsty Green-Man, head of corporate responsibility at Burges Salmon, explains how changes in governance regulations will have important implications for business.

The PR battle for ‘green’ credentials

Paul talks about:  The PR battle for ‘green’ credibility; why companies make false/unproven eco claims; the scale of the problem; results of research into greenwashing; how to avoid eco PR disasters

Consumer reactions to greenwashing

Steve talks about: Extent of unfounded eco-claims; big brand failings; consumer attitudes; greenwashing research findings; environmental regulation and compliance; ESG data reporting; ESG and evolving business models

How tech can prove eco claims

Mandi talks about: sustainability reporting; lack of trust; need for transparency; Scope 3 reporting ambiguity; supply chain issues; results of global study; green investment; false claim lawsuits; corporate responsibility; technology as an enabler.

Offsetting and supply chain emissions

Mauro talks about: Scale of the false claim problem; reporting confusion; carbon offsetting; supply chain challenges; regulatory environment; ESG data solutions;

Establishing green claims in recycling

Nick talks about: big brand greenwashing; carbon offsetting; waste; reusable and trackable packaging, sustainability reporting; data capture; supply chain strategy; B-Corp certification; green investment; running a sustainable business.

Eco claims and the challenge for business

Pamela talks about: marketing and PR pressures; fashion industry; lack of understanding about regulations; eco-claim lawsuits; impact on green investment; ambiguity around Scope 3;  need for education and qualification to avoid false eco-claims.

Net zero commercial opportunities

Peter Bance, CEO of Origami who specialise in technology to monetise energy assets, talks about: Generating value from sustainability; Upstream and downstream market economics; Green energy investment; Data’s role in sustainability; Regulation and market reform; Net Zero innovation; Net zero commercial opportunities. The talk will go live at 10.00 GMT on the 27th of October. […]

The cost of infrastructure transition

Richard Clifford from Keysource, a company that design, build and maintain data centres, talks about: Regulation standards and compliance in data centre sector; Cost of sustainability; Data’s role in sustainability; Digital de-carbonisation; Importance of a net zero strategy; Generating income from energy use. The talk will go live at 10.00 GMT on the 27th of […]

The sustainable built environment

Anthony Coates-Smith, md of heat networks specialist Insite Energy, talks about: An holistic approach to design construction and operation of the built environment; Energy cost savings; Educating consumers and clients about sustainability; Potential of hydrogen as renewable energy; Decarbonising heat sources; Data’s role in sustainability; Regulation standards and compliance; Barriers to net zero sustainability; and […]

The unavoidable costs of net zero

Jamie Pitcairn, technical director of circular economy & sustainability at Ricardo, talks about: The unavoidable costs of a carbon-reduction strategy; Power generation and storage; Economic investment costs; Benefits of net zero transition; Regulation and market forces; Compliance; Impact of climate change on business and profitability; The circular economy; Investment in net zero transition; R&D and […]