Technip Energies invests in Evok Innovation’s Fund II to drive clean-tech advancements


Technip Energies, a leading player in the energy sector, has made a significant investment in Evok Innovation’s Fund II. This cleantech fund is dedicated to supporting the development of hard-tech solutions that contribute to achieving a net-zero future. It focuses on cutting-edge sectors such as low carbon hydrogen, carbon capture and removal, electrification, and critical minerals.

This investment marks a significant milestone, as Technip Energies becomes the first strategic partner with Engineering Procurement and Construction capabilities within Evok’s distinguished investors ecosystem. Evok is renowned for its venture capital investments in early-stage technologies, particularly in sectors that are challenging to decarbonise. The fund brings together a group of experts, including technologists, business builders, and climate investors, to provide startups with the necessary resources, networks, and expertise to scale their operations and achieve maturity.

The investment sectors of Evok align closely with Technip Energies’ markets, encompassing critical areas such as carbon capture, use and storage, clean fuels, electrification, and industrial decarbonisation. This partnership not only aims to generate substantial returns for shareholders but also connects Technip Energies with a network of emerging hard-tech players. By merging its engineering expertise and global project delivery know-how with the visionary approach of Evok’s ecosystem, Technip Energies demonstrates its steadfast commitment to creating an affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy future.

Samir Karoum, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer of Technip Energies commented: “We are delighted to join Evok’s Fund II – a reputable venture capital fund with a proven track record of scaling cleantech companies – as a strategic investor. By bringing our engineering, technology and project competencies in fields such as hydrogen, clean fuels and carbon capture, we set the stage for a new wave of innovations that will certainly shape a sustainable future”.

Marty Reed, founding partner of Evok Innovations, said: “We’re very glad to have Technip Energies join Evok’s Fund II as a strategic limited partner. Technip Energies’ vision and commitment to a Net Zero goal by leveraging clean technologies, along with its global experience in engineering and industrial scale-up, can help accelerate the commercialisation of our startup technologies.”

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