Thermal survey system reveals energy loss from homes

energy loss

A unique thermal survey system reveals energy loss from homes to help combat climate disruption and fuel poverty.

First Thermal’s ‘Heatview’ thermal imaging system can help reduce carbon in the environment and save householders’ money. “The number of people willing to take meaningful action to improve their home’s heat retention efficiency after an enhanced Heatview thermal imaging survey is striking,” Matthew Snell, franchise development manager, First Thermal, said.

“Sixty-six per cent of homeowners will start their draft-busting journey within a month, with 87 per cent retrofitting within a year – tangible results that lower carbon in the environment whilst saving money in homeowners’ pockets.”

Snell’s goal is to make the planet measurably better for his daughter’s future. “I want to look my 11-year-old daughter in the eye and tell her that I’m actively doing my bit, not just talking about it or supporting passive change. Instead of peddling along the corporate treadmill, not making a difference, I’ll be able to look back and say I helped reduce carbon emissions and help those struggling to pay their bills.”

Mike Andrews, First Thermal CEO, said: “Much of the population is now aware of the climate crisis driven by carbon fuels, yet many do not realise that 30 per cent of this energy consumed in the UK is within our homes,” explained Mike. “Our project enables substantial cuts in domestic energy loss at a low cost, the need for which has never been more critical to help households in fuel poverty.

“We are witnessing a growing number of enquiries from individuals, climate action organisations, housing associations, local councils and others seeking guidance on replicating our project. Matthew and Nicola’s expertise and fresh perspectives align perfectly with our plan to respond to this demand, expand our services throughout the UK and strengthen our response to climate disruption and fuel poverty in Bristol and across the country.”

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