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Chemicals industry

GridBeyond strengthens its position in the US market, acquires Veritone’s energy business

The acquisition brings together two highly innovative companies specialising in energy forecasting, trading, and optimisation. ...

New stationary energy solution to reduce carbon footprint

A new ESS battery solution can reduce energy efficiency losses by up to 50 per ...

Schneider Electric launches Zeigo Activate to drive IT channel decarbonisation

Schneider Electric, a pioneer in energy management and automation digital transformation, has unveiled Zeigo Activate, ...
climate change

Sustainable adaptation must drive climate change strategy

A new report highlights vulnerabilities and dangers in the way governments are currently moving to ...

Reskilling the sustainability managers of tomorrow

Corporate sustainability is growing in importance, day by day. Businesses are regularly being called out ...

Vodacom Congo celebrates International Earth Day

The Democratic Republic of Congo celebrated International Earth Day with Vodacom Congo promoting a range ...

Governance is key to net zero success

How does a $94 billion-a-year food company meet climate targets and comply with ever-stricter ESG ...

IPCC report highlights available options to tackle climate crisis

The latest IPCC report highlights the need for urgent action on climate change and the ...
safe drinking water

AI and cloud solutions to improve access to safe drinking water

AI and cloud solutions will be harnessed to improve access to safe drinking water for ...
Carbon offset

Carbon offset projects to conserve 30 per cent of the planet by 2030

Carbon offset projects representing 50m tons of global carbon trade have been established by Carbon ...

Technology is key to the implementation era of decarbonization

Phil Spring, UKI Comms and EMEA Energy, Environment and Utilities Leader, IBM explains the role ...
Net zero farming

Net zero farming standards to address global emissions gap

Net zero farming now has a new standard method to cover land-related carbon emissions and ...
Circular economy

Circular economy transition must accelerate to meet sustainability targets

Circular economy transition is being held back by market uncertainties, a lack of standard regulation ...

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